Must Do’s Of Cyber Security

Must Do's Of Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a minefield of advice, products, services and accreditations. It is often hard to tell what really applies to your business and if a particular type of solution applies, which version. Safonda's Must Do's of Cyber Security course explains the starting point for any business looking at their cyber security and the basic steps all businesses must take to ensure a basic level of security and peace of mind for its users.

As well as covering the general must do elements of cyber for every business, this session also looks at some of the more advanced products, services and accreditations that companies can use to demonstrate their commitment to securing data.

Course Objectives

• To give all delegates…
     o an understanding of the basic principles of cyber security
     o advice on best practice to mitigate cyber security risks within their business
     o an understanding of both external and internal cyber threats to their business
     o an understanding of how to identify attacks and react accordingly

• To provide an overview of the cybersecurity market place and how delegates can decide what their company needs to secure its data

• To provide an overview of cyber security compliance policies and why delegates would look to achieve them

• To provide information on next steps and information on how to seek guidance for further learning or requirements

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