Intro to Cyber Essentials

Intro to Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a self-certified assessment standard which allows companies of all sizes to get certified against the fundamentals of information security as outlined by GCHQ.  This is achieved through a questionnaire which businesses answer and provide details about how they look after the security of their PC's, Networks and Personal Data.  This does require some understanding of the topics which are being assessed in order to provide the required details.

Safonda's Intro to Cyber Security training session is designed to give key stakeholders an understanding of what is required of their IT infrastructure in advance of attempting the assessment to ensure that they have all of the required skills to not only complete the assessment but ensure that their business or its providers are adequately protecting the businesses information assets.

Course Objectives

• To give all delegates…
     o an understanding of the 5 key controls within the Cyber Essentials Framework
     o advice on best practice to mitigate cyber security risks within their business
     o an understanding of both external and internal cyber threats to their business
     o an understanding of how to identify attacks and react accordingly

• To provide an overview of the new General Data Protection Regulation and how Data Protection is aided by cyber security practices and accreditation standards

• To provide the opportunity for companies to become accredited to Cyber Essentials Standard

• To provide information on next steps and further accreditations

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